DJ Special

Ein Bett im Minenfeld
Guest: Das ganzheitliche System

The falling leaves are accompanied by Minimal, Dark Wave, Post Punk, Industrial, EBM, Angst Pop, Noise, Power Electronics, Neofolk, Military Pop, Witchhouse, Dark Ambient


Das ganzheitliche System
Auszug aus Lesung von Anne Sexton: „The Truth The Dead Know“
Aleksandar Sarievski – Zajdi, Zajdi Jasno Sonce
Death In June – My Black Diaries (Drowning Moon Mix)
Violeta Tomovska – Sanokj Sedam
A Bad Diana – Behind The Curtain Of The Sun
Six Six Seconds – Tearing Down Heaven (10″ version)
Coil – The First Five Minutes After Death
Jarboe – Surgical Saviour
Mushy – Moan
//zoo – Blood And Cedar
Chelsea Wolfe – Hyper Oz
Michael Gira – Opium Song
His Name Is Alive – Are We Still Married?
Sorrow – This Calling
impetus& – Pale Crooked Throat
Sol Invictus with Joe Budenholzer – In The Wake Of The Wolf
Of the Wand And The Moon – My Devotion Will Never Fade
Cult Of Youth – The Gateway
Der Blutharsch – So Bring Your Iron Rain Down Upon Me
Dialog aus „Night Tide“
Death In June – Wolf Rose

Ein Bett im Minenfeld
Thoralf Dietrich – Perfected Silence
Raderkraft – Circuit Bend
Solitude FX – Ein Kleines Stuck Erinnerung
Synths Versus Me – Avatares Del Destino
La Main – A Lock
Le Syndicat Electronique – Ruines
Gabi Delgado – nichtgedicht
Schwefelgelb – Von Allem zu viel
Ascii Disko – Hey
Gesaffelstein – Hate Or Glory
X-RX – Crank It Up
Orange Sector – Alles Ist Falsch
Bodykomplex – Kumipuku
Jäger 90 – Stiefelblitz
NordarR – Ein Sturm
BLITZMASCHINE – Burnout (Oldschool Club Mix)
Nitzer Ebb – Isn’t It Funny How Your Body Works
Suicide Commando – The Pain That You Like
AD:KEY – Hoch die Hämmer
Frontal – Muskelkraft
Parzival – Leben Ist Fabrik
Sturm Café – Schweiss Bier Und Stahl
Poesie Noire – Pity For The Self
Stratis – Herzlos
Guerre Froide – Ersatz
In Death It Ends – Then We Die

Das ganzheitliche System
Seventeen At This Time – First We Dance
Tropic Of Cancer – The One Left
Danse Society – Somewhere
The Second Coming – Angela
Winter Severity Index – The Brightest Days
Schonwald – Rescue
Bauhaus – Passion Of Lovers
Xmal Deutschland – Geheimnis
Tuxedomoon – No Tears (12″ version)
The Cure – 10:15 Saturday Night
The Sisters Of Mercy – Marian
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Israel
Grauzone – Träume Mit Mir
The Human League – Marianne
Joy Division – She’s Lost Control (Album version)
The Jesus And Mary Chain – Never Understand
My Bloody Valentine – Sometimes

Ein Bett im Minenfeld
Agya – Jaws
Sonar – Touch the Mirror
Legion Condor – Crush Control
Esplendor Geométrico – Presión
Folkstorm – Lifeline
Huren – I Warned You Not To Come Out Tonight
SPK – Contact
Sektion B – Keine Heimat
Propergol – La Vie En Rose

Das ganzheitliche System
Lee Hazlewood – I’d Rather Be Your Enemy

Ein Bett im Minenfeld
Spongebob Schwammkopf – Idiotenfreunde

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