Still No Leaves in April…

An evening full of melancholy & misantrophy with dark wave, minimal synth, neofolk, power electronics and so on.


Das ganzheitliche System
Marlene Dietrich – Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte
Andrew Liles – An Un World
Lesung von Sylvia Plaths Gedicht „Mad Girl’s Love Song“
Death In June w. Les Joyaux De La Princesse – SD XXI
Neither/Neither World – Montage Two
Susan Matthews – Mbox 2
Current 93 w. Andrew Liles – Christus Christus (The Shells Have Cracked)
The Gray Field Recordings – In Exodus
Frl. Tost – I Hate You, Laura
Slow Slow Loris – Red Shoes (Live)
Cosey Fanni Tutti – Wired
Throbbing Gristle – Six Six Sixties
Beta Evers w. Luster – Eternal
Dharma – Slave Boy Teach Me Geometry
Ike Yard – NCR
Sudden Infant – Wölflis Nightmare
Slab! – Flirt
Coil – The Anal Staircase (Album version)
Astrid Monroe – Dark Noise
KnifeLadder – Ruined Russian Girls
Godlesstate – Birch Initiation
Genevieve Pasquier – Bouge
Dialog aus „Carnival of Souls“: „I don’t wanna be left alone“
Haus Arafna – Heart Beats Blood Flows
J.G. Thirlwell – Warm Leatherette

Ein Bett im Minenfeld
Der Blechhocker – Gänsemarsch
Crash Course In Science – No Mor Hollow Doors
Epic Dreams – Hopeless Dreamer
Dexter – Z.W.A.M.
Klangstabil – You May Start
Ladytron – Seventeen
Herz Jühning – Rituals
Ev3nmorn – White Cake
B Δ R N Δ C Ł E B Ø Ï ☔ – w r i g h t s v i l l e b e a c h
CVL† SH‡† – ßƟD¥ ßΔGƵ
CRIM3S – Breed
Mr.Kitty – Serenity
Ω╪Ω (Sycorax) – nekromΔntiΔ ΔntiseΧisτ
Kreativ In Den Boden – TRISTI
The Soft Moon – Circles
In Death It Ends – Centre Of A Circle

Das ganzheitliche System
In Death It Ends – We All Die
6 COMM – Sonfelte
Forever Grey – Sourland
Tearful Moon – Lust Spell
Joy Division – Wilderness
Death In June – The Calling (12″ version)
Suicide – Dream Baby Dream (12″ version)
DVA Damas – Out Of Thin Air
Schonwald – Venice
All Your Sisters – An Awakening
Blitz – Flowers And Fire
Faith And The Muse – Romeo’s Distress (Live)
Miranda Sex Garden – Are You The One

Ein Bett im Minenfeld
Institution D.O.L. – In Tempore Belli
HIV+ – Suck My Pain – Univers Carceral – 2006
Subliminal – Blood Stain
Objekt Urian – Chamber Music
Sektion B – Vaterland
Genocide Organ – Hail America
Yura Yura – Darkrash
1979 – In Front Off
Xebox – Assembly-Line Production Of Battlerobots
Blok 57 – Warm Leatherette

Das ganzheitliche System
NON – Total War
Thorofon – Riot Dictator

Ein Bett im Minenfeld
Blackhouse – Answers for you
November Növelet – Misanthropy

Das ganzheitliche System
Lee Hazlewood – I’d Rather Be Your Enemy Than Hear You Call Me Friend

Ein Bett im Minenfeld
Spongebob Schwammkopf – Idiotenfreunde

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