12.05.2017 - 21:00 @ Waggon am Kulturgleis, Offenbach

Ein Bett im Minenfeld
Gast: hirnlego

+ NSF Most Wanted Lounge

Minimal Synth - EBM - Dark Wave - Witch House - Industrial - Power Electronics - Apocalyptic Folk

Ein Bett im Minenfeld
Petur Ben - Svarthamar
Da-Sein - Dead Eyed Soul
HTRK - Fascinator
ADAN & ILSE - Kind Of Blow (home demo)
Low Sea - Acid Ocean
Skaen - Thylane
BENEA†h MY SH▲DE - Stop Suffering
Mr.Kitty - Habits (feat. PASTEL GHOST)
La Main - Le soleil blanc
Figure Study - Wait

Slowdive - Avalyn II
My Bloody Valentine - Lose My Breath
Tamaryn - Love Fade
Box And The Twins - This Place Called Nowhere
Pink Turns Blue - I Coldly Stare Out
Swans - Sex, God, Sex
Tuxedo Gleam - Penetrate
Cold Cave - Heavenly Metals
Nagamatzu - Operator Dead Post Abandoned
Black Marlbe - MSQ No-Extra
Sub Muris - Honesty
The Wake - On Our Honeymoon
Replicant - One Seventeen
Drab Majesty - Entrance And Exits
A Haunted Sawmill - Epitaph
Pram - Flesh

Ein Bett im Minenfeld
Kælan Mikla - Sýnir
Shift69 - Bang The Sound
The Wheal - La Nuit (Boître Noire)
Derniere Volonte - Prie Pour Moi
Police des Moers - Monde Fallacieux
Déficit Budgétaire - Monica
Nu - L'Adepte De L'Ennui
Notchnoi Prospect - Acids
Ploho - Krjesty
Boy Harsher - Yr Body Is Nothing
Attrition - First Onslaught
Throbbing Gristle - Something Came Over Me
SPK - Contact
Genevieve Pasquier - 8 P.M. Daily News
Dive - Underneath
Thorofon - UHF Disco
Noerv - Icon Vi
Tanz Ohne Musik - Attraction (Equinox Version)
Objekt Urian - Chamber Music
MDS51 - Fear Reactor
Ausströmen - Pornography Of Violence
Propergol - Retaliation

Tropic Of Cancer - A Color
DVA Damas - On Your Heels
Winter Severity Index - A Sudden Cold
Cranes - Focus Breathe
Dead Can Dance - Threshold
This Parade - Erotica (Love In An Original Way)
Ski Patrol - Agent Orange
Trümmerfrauen - Glasaugen 
Betamax - Modern
Deutsche Schäferhunde - Gasmasken
Bodenpersonal - Tote Räume
Tommi Stumpff - Alarm
Robert Görl - Mit Dir (Extended)
Olms - Share The Same Madness
Brusque Twins - Game Of Desire
Led Er Est - Port Isabel
Peine Perdue - Disparition Fantome
The KVB - Leaning
Schonwald - Achrome
Crash Course In Science - No More Hollow Doors

Ein Bett im Minenfeld
She Past Away - Hayaller?
In Death It Ends - House Of The Wide Gates
Kill Your Boyfriend - Man 4
Ceshire Cat - Souls
Utro - Sad
Der Plan - Ulrike
Der Moderne Mann - Telefonlied
Joachim Witt - Kuwait
Reol - Logic Agent
Hirsute Pursuit - Boys Keep Swinging
Spongebob Schwammkopf - Idiotenfreunde


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