08.12.2017 - 21:00 @ Waggon am Kulturgleis, Offenbach

Klirrbar DJ Edition - White Noise Xmas

 Ein Bett im Minenfeld
 Gast: Das Ganzheitliche System
 + Super Smash Bros Melee Lounge
 + Plätzchen
 + Geschenke

Minimal Synth - EBM - Dark Wave - Witchhouse - Industrial - Power Electronics - Apocalyptic Folk


Ein Bett im Minenfeld
 Job Karma - Little tiny
 Painfull Noise - 24 Christmas
 Hante. - Nous Ne Ferons Qu'un
 La Main - Entre le jour et la nuit
 Ventre De Biche - Vivre Mort
 groupA - Deadly 16
 Le Prince Harry - Chemistry
 89s† & Petra Flurr - Monotone Agressione Zone (Original Mix)
 Melodik Pinpon - Au Soir Sortent Les Chats
 !Bang Elektronika - Merry Xmas
 Selofan - Βραχυκύκλωμα (Short Circuit)
 Rue Oberkampf - Le Train (Abc Cover)
 Weird Fork - Stars And The Moon
 Reflection - Take It All (Mr.Kitty Remix)
 Massendefect - Papierflugzeug
 Die Perlen - Ohne Strom Kein Weihnachtsmarkt
 Bloodygrave & Die Lust! - Siamesische Zwillinge
 The Wheal - La Nuit (Boître Noire)
 Antipole - Deco Blue (feat. Mats Davidsen)
 Mari Chrome - A Forest
 Stillife - Shattered

Das Ganzheitliche System
 Max von Sydow: I will now count from one to ten (Europa OST)
 She Spread Sorrow: Chastity
 Diamanda Galas: Sono L'Antichristo
 Current 93: Dogun
 Ike Yard: Kino
 Zahgurim: The People's Temple
 Death In June: State Laughter
 Throbbing Gristle: Discipline
 Nocturnal Emissions: Moss Side/The Erasure
 Bourbonese Qualk: Lies
 Test Department: Hunger (Peel Session version)
 Swans: Thank You
 Last Dominion Lost: Stagma
 Coil: Solar Lodge
 Slow Slow Loris: Red Shoes
 //ZOO: Hounds
 Tropic Of Cancer: Be Brave (Richard H. Kirk Remix)

Ein Bett im Minenfeld
 Hypnoskull - Vierde Razernij
 Ancient Methods - Immured In Supreme Beliefs
 Eschaton - Age Of Iron
 Supersimmetria - Vibrating Particles
 The Hacker - Waves Of Darkness
 Tomohiko Sagae - Blindfold
 Codex Empire - Exchanged Worlds
 Hail Blk - Hypno Blk (Tomohiko Sagae Remix)
 Oscar Mulero - Texture (Shlomo Remix)
 Dcp - Unreleased Track 08
 Blawan - Calcium Red
 Denise Rabe - First Impression
 The Effaith - Manic (Subjected Remix)
 Tomohiko Sagae - Hyperarousal
 Retrograde Youth - We're Not Humans Anymore
 Shad Shadows - White Fall
 Leather Ladder - War In Heaven
 Georg Nachtigall - Winter Dream (Original Mix)

Das Ganzheitliche System
 Emma Ruth Rundle: Living With The Black Dog

Spongebob Schwammkopf - Idiotenfreunde

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